About Workshop University & the Founder

  • Guiding you to double your impact – and your income – with powerful workshops, webinars and on-line courses

    Workshop University® provides you the tools, resources and education to design, promote, price, deliver and sell high-impact workshops, webinars and online courses with confidence and ease.  We help you reach a whole lot more people with your unique gifts, expertise and message.

  • Double your impact and income with your message

  • It's time to share your message with workshops, webinars and on-line courses

  • Who we serve

    • Professional Speakers who want to get business beyond the stage by turning their keynote into experiential workshops, breakouts, training session and virtual/online courses. (We also help you turn your workshops into keynotes too)
    • Coaches, Authors & Entrepreneurs who have a big message to share and want to reach a larger audience, attract more clients and make a lot more money leveraging their expertise and gifts.
    • Corporate Trainers who want to reignite their training with powerful experiential exercises that create lasting change for employees and bottom-line results for the company.
    • Corporations who are looking to bring in high impact training and/or coaching programs that are highly experiential and lead to bottom-line results.
  • Our mission

    To help you get your message out to the world because the world needs to hear what you have to say.

    You are an expert in your niche. Here at Workshop University®, we are experts in instructional design and experiential learning. This powerful combination enables you to package your expertise into a powerful learning environment that creates lasting change and impact for your attendees. When your attendees leave with an experience “in their bones,” they remember it – and they remember YOU. They want to hire you, purchase your products and refer you to others.

    Remember: high impact leads to more business.

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How Workshop University® came about

After moving up the corporate technical ladder in the early 1990s as one of the founders of Cambridge Technology Partners, an IT consulting firm next to MIT, Jean Marie DiGiovanna discovered her true passion for training.

Cambridge Technology Partners IT Consulting Firm As the first Practice Manager for the firm, she trained project teams and presented to clients around the world. Soon, she became the company’s most sought-after trainer and facilitator as the start-up grew from just 90 people in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to more than 4,000 employees worldwide.

ThinkPeople Coaching & Training FirmWith her desire for life balance and freedom from the walls of corporate life, she started her own training and consulting firm in 1998 called ThinkPeople®. She delivered training to high-tech companies in the areas of communication, team effectiveness and leadership. In addition, she  facilitated executive and leadership off-sites and strategic planning sessions.

Then, in 2000/2001 the “dot-com” bubble burst. Jean lost all her clients in the IT industry. Instead of fighting an uphill battle to enter other industries, she stepped back and regrouped. Jean got trained and certified through The Coaches Training Institute and started coaching everyone she knew.

Backed by her skills in training and experiential learning, Jean Marie also started running public workshops on life and business strategies — topics she knew people needed.

WU-logo-newThe workshops took off and, soon, she built a thriving coaching and workshop business. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs who attended her workshops asked Jean to help them develop their own events and sharpen their presentation skills. With her passion for experiential training and desire to help, she said YES!

Jean Marie began guiding more and more colleagues to share their BIG MESSAGE through experiential workshops that create lasting results. And a light bulb went off: “Hey, I could get paid to do this.”

In 2004, Workshop University® was born. Jean Marie formalized the company in 2006 and has since merged her Corporate Training & Coaching business into the fold.

Message from the Founder

Greetings and Welcome to Workshop University! I’m going to guess you have a BIG message to share and you want a whole lot more people to hear it. And, heck, it would be nice to make a lot more money and attract a whole lot more clients along the way.

Keep your audience engagedYou not only deserve to share your message – you are meant to share your unique gifts and talents with the world!

I am passionate about helping uncover your message, speak your truth and change the world. I happen to do that through speaking, coaching and training and it’s the combination that brings me the most joy. I see so much brilliance and magnificence in people that it aches me when that brilliance is not getting out to enough people.

Have fun while you are working - you can make your workshops and webinars and on-line courses funI love creating the space for “ahas” and lightbulbs to go off in my audience. Even if it only goes off with just one person, I know I’ve made a difference. I love part of the famous quote about success by Emerson that states”…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded”

I am a big believer that learning should and absolutely can be fun. I love to help you create experiential learning that engages your audiences so much that they don’t even realize they are learning. And, YES, this can be possible with live and virtual training. As a live trainer at heart, I never thought I would enjoy the virtual training, but I have found ways to keep it not only engaging for my audience, but engaging for me too. If I can get there, so can you.

When things get stressful, keep looking up!Lastly, if you are noticing your “fun” factor is low, go out and find some! I like to go find a playground and get on the swings as it brings me right back to childhood again. Getting outside is key as it takes me out of my head and into nature.  Step away from your desk and take in your surrounding no matter where you are. And, most of all, keep looking up and keep laughing. Laughter is the key to feeling alive. Laughter feeds your soul, so go on, have a chuckle on me!

Professional Bio

New Head Shot

Jean Marie DiGiovanna, founder of Workshop University®, is a powerful Speaker, Trainer & Coach with a unique gift for helping people find their voice, speak their truth and get their message out to the world.

With more than 20 years of training, consulting and instructional design experience, Jean Marie has designed and facilitated new employee training courses for Fortune 500 companies to small startups. She has delivered hundreds of workshops and webinars on business and life strategies and has spoken nationally and internationally, helping thousands of entrepreneurs get their message out to the world.

Jean Marie was named a Top 10 Coach of Boston by Women’s Business Boston, and her articles have been widely published. She is co-author of Success is a State of Mind alongside Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and Deepak Chopra and author of Wake Up To Your Life: Powerful Monthly Workouts for the Mind, Heart & Soul (at www.WakeUpToYourLife.com

A resident of Boulder, Colorado, Jean Marie loves the outdoors, enjoys skiing fast, biking leisurely and dancing to live Latin music. One of Jean Marie’s core values is creativity so to help balance her love of training and development, she also enjoys painting and designing jewelry.  If you are curious and want to take a peek, you can find her art and jewelry designs at www.FlamesofGrace.com.

“That which you set out, deliberately create and believe in will come to you.  With steady focus, a clear mind and an active spirit, anything is possible.”

~ Jean Marie DiGiovanna


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